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give access to water and electricity for everyone

Mobile app included

Open your beezCO mobile app, scan your (or your relative's) bill QR code, and pay it in less than 30 seconds

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Fast Return On Investment

beezCOINs holders get rewarded for every penny coming through beezCO platform.

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Smart concept

Sending money abroad is quite a pain. Moreover, fees are too expensive. (Moneygram and Western Union take 10% on small payments !) beezCO platform reduces time (less than 30 sec.), and fees. It's also much more secure due too is highly secured blockchain implementation

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Sergio Alvarez lives and works in Laredo, Texas. His family still lives in Mexico and he usually pays his mother's electricity bills. Using Western Union, this payment lasts more than 2 days, and costs about USD $10.00.

With beezCO, Sergio can pay this bill using his smartphone ! For less than USD $0.20 !


Saanvi Raju lives in Sydney, Australia. She sends money to her grandparents in Delhi on a regular basis. She can now pay directly their water and telephone bills using a secure blockchain implementation with beezCO.


Amadou Kone comes from Cote d'Ivoire and lives in France. He can send money easily and pay his family's bills cheaper than ever. Moreover, he rest assured that no money laundering would occur.

When they use beezCO, beezCOINs holders get rewarded ! Massive passive income assured !


beezCO is a platform dedicated for paying one's utility bills. Having family abroad? Upset by excessive fees when sending money to family?

Fast and cheap money transfers

Within seconds, you can pay your relatives' utility bills. Really small fees (less than 2%).

  • Blockchain enabled platform
  • Dedicated mobile app
  • Paying instantly a utility bill, from anywhere in the world

Our Product

beezCOHIVE is an IT company specialized in financial services, editing beezCO platform. Platform speeds payments and makes them a lot cheaper

  • Paying utility bills
  • Extra-low fee
  • Extremely secure, your money is safe

A company, funded by people, for people

beezCOHIVE issues beezCOIN in order to fund its platform. Every beezCOIN holder is rewarded a paying fee, proportional to the quantity of beezCOINs he holds

  • Automatic payment (in ETH)
  • Fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Give water, electricity, natural gas, etc. access to EVERYONE

How the beezCO platform works?

You will find below a clear drawing explaining how beezCO works. beezCO realizes invoicing and payments processes.

Exclusive token sale opens on Nov. 1st at 00:00 GMT

We will be selling 20,000,000 beezCOIN tokens at the price of 1 ETH = 2500 BZC

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Our detailed roadmap is still pondered over. Meanwhile, you'll find here our global roadmap.

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  • Investors investors@beezco.in